11 shades lighter smile within 2 weeks. Guaranteed.

WAS: $99.99 NOW Only: $59.99
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The Mint Kit and its contents

Mint Full Kit – Best Seller

WAS: $99.99 NOW Only $59.99

Mint Cosmetics will:

  • Give you a brighter smile, up to 11 shades, without breaking the bank
  • Allow you to do it all yourself easily, in the comfort and privacy of your own home!
  • Improve your confidence and boost your physical appearance in just 30 minutes!
  • Make your teeth remain up to11 shades whiter for up to 2 years!
  • Provide you with a 30 day money back guarantee so there was no risk to you at all!
GET A BRIGHTER SMILE Order your kit today

This is our best selling kit. It comes as one of the most complete kits on the market and guarantees you whiter teeth… or your money back!

Along with all of the great things listed above that this kit will do to you, just look at what else you get included in this kit.

Our best seller kit includes:

  • x 4 6% Hydrogen Peroxide
  • x 3 Customised Mouth Trays They mould to your own teeth
  • Free Whitening Pen On the Go whitening

Imagine you could go 11 shades lighter with an affordable teeth whitening kit, in your own home!

The great news is that you can have all this and more…

At Mint Cosmetics, our range of teeth whitening products has got thousands of satisfied customers all around the world. We have sold hundreds of thousands of our products worldwide!

Our product is safe – it’s clinically proven, reliable, and easy to use, and comes with a money back guarantee – so there’s absolutely no risk! Plus there’s no need to consult a dentist, you can use it right away, wherever you are.

Our most popular teeth whitening kit costs $59.99, so anyone can have a healthier, more confident looking smile at a fraction of the cost of expensive private dental treatments.

Our unique formula will give you whiter and healthier looking teeth in the shortest possible time.

Boost your confidence today. Studies have shown that cleaner, whiter looking teeth make people feel more confident and look more attractive.

You’ll notice the difference after just one application, instant results, no repeat visits to a dentist.

We’ll even show you how to get the best out of your teeth whitening kit, with a step by step DVD.

We guarantee your teeth will be whiter within 30 minutes.. or your money back

How do we compare?

When considering what whitening kit to choose you may look at a few options, so we have decided to help you by compiling a comparison table. As you can see below, Mint is the clear winner. Not only do we have the most complete kit on the market, we also have no hidden charges and also offer a FREE whitening pen

The media loves Mint Cosmetics...

We have had thousands of happy customers and so many of them want to share their news with us. See below to what only some of these have had to say about our whitening kit: Some of our testimonials are from as little as 5 days of using our product. Do you have a social event coming up or just want to feel better about yourself, then Mint Cosmetics is the whitening kit for you!

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The media loves us…

Allure Magazine stated that Mint Cosmetics were the ‘Gucci’ of teeth whitening. You know you are in good hands when we get reviews like that.